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Vaughn Clair - retail technology expert

Vaughn Clair

Vaughn is a Brisbane based retail technology expert having spent the last 30 years working in Australia and South Africa on retail systems from Point of Sale to Back Office Merchandising Systems for retailers and technology companies.

Vaughn is the CTO of a Melbourne based Retail software company Black Label Solutions.  Black Label are building the worlds leading Cloud based retail solution – NOMAD, comprising Mobile Point of Sale with Mobile Payments, Online Web Store, Web based Point of Sale and iPhone and Android retailer consumer apps.

The Nomad Retail Suites unique integration capabilities allow modern retailers to integrate their store Point of Sale with their online store, mobile POS and Consumer apps.  All applications share the same product and pricing data and consistent business rules for promotions and loyalty pricing.  Customer Loyalty information is also held in the cloud providing a consistent shopping experience for customers across channels and giving retailers a single source of the truth on customers and products.

Nomad is the Future of Retail – check out more on the Nomad Website.